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Antistatic Mat provide a path to ground for a charge from conductive or static dissipative items placed on the mat. These mats are available in foam, rubber and vinyl material. Antistatic Mats are made of single layer homogenous polymer mix, two layer static dissipative rubber material or vinyl with homogenous conductive layer material. Other Antistatic products include Antistatic Bags, Antistatic Finger Cots, Antistatic Gloves, Antistatic Heel Grounders, Antistatic Wrist Straps and Field Service Kits.

Antistatic Table Top Mat Kit
Antistatic Homogeneous Mat Kits
Antistatic Homogeneous Mat Kits are made of a single layer polymer mix. They are designed to provide static safe work surface for static sensitive products. These antistatic mat kits are low cost, durable, easy to cut and are reversible. Surface resistivity is...

Antistatic Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Kit
Antistatic Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Kits
Antistatic Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Kits, also known as Antistatic Anti Fatigue Mats, are made of closed-cell expanded polyvinyl chloride material designed to provide comfort and reduce worker fatigue when used in a static sensitive environment...

Antistatic Rubber Mats
Antistatic Rubber Mats
Antistatic Rubber Mats have two layers; the top one is a blue static dissipative rubber layer laminated to a black conductive rubber bottom layer. This Antistatic Rubber Mat offers excellent resistance to oil, grease and most common solvent.
Antistatic Floor Runners
Antistatic Floor Runners
Antistatic Floor Runners are made of 1/8" thick homogeneous polymer mix of durable PVC. They are ideal for production assembly rooms where an ESD safe area is required. Antistatic Floor Runners have a V-Groove emboss which make them slip resistant.

Antistatic Wrist Strap
Antistatic Vinyl Mats
Antistatic Vinyl Mats, also known as ESD Three Layer Mats, are ideal for static dissipative and flexible work surfaces. They have a solid vinyl, homogeneous construction with a buried conductive layer which provides superior physical and electrical qualities.
Antistatic Heel Grounder
Antistatic Modular Floor Mats
Antistatic Modular Floor Mats are ideal for virtually any environment where static charge is a problem. They are made of natural SBR and natural rubber compound. Antistatic Modular Floor Mats have an interlocking feature on both sides.

Antistatic Wrist Strap
Antistatic Field Service Kits
Antistatic Field Service Kits provide a complete portable ESD safe workstation for personnel working with electronics in the field. To stop static electricity from damaging electronic cards, an ESD safe work area is essential for Field Service TechniciansAntistatic Wrist Straps
Antistatic Heel Grounder
Antistatic Chair Mats
Antistatic Chair Mats also known as Antistatic Floor Mats, are made of rigid solid vinyl with a buried conductive layer. This gives them consistent electrical properties in addition to superior physical properties along with the rigidity needed for today's office environment.Antistatic Heel Grounders

Antistatic Smocks Conductive Foam Antistatic Gloves Antistatic Tapes Ionizers Static Test Meters
Antistatic Smocks Antistatic Wrist Straps Antistatic Gloves Antistatic Tapes Antistatic Heel Grounders
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