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Conductive Floor Runners, 0.060" thick, RoHS Compliant - Made in USA
Antistatic Rubberized Floor MatConductive Floor Runners are made of a rubber material. Homogeneous conductive rubber construction provides resistance to wear, hot solder, oil grease, and solvents. These mats rapidly drain static electricity from workers before they can be passed on to sensitive equipment with microprocessors or to flammable liquid. These floor runners must be grounded to drain the static charge. Surface Resistivity is 1 x 106 – 109. The low profile reduces trip hazard and is preferred for use with rolling carts or chairs.They can be reversed for double usage. Compatible with constant monitors. Available in Black color. 

Applications: Aerospace Assembly, Electronic Manufacturing, Electronic Repairs, Fiber Optics, Hospitals, Medical Assembly, Office and Solar Assembly
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Conductive Floor Runners, Black
ASCR36120 .060" x 3' x 10' Black Conductive Floor Runner $260.00
ASCR36240 .060" x 3' x 20' Black Conductive Floor Runner $520.00
ASCR36360 .060" x 3' x 30' Black Conductive Floor Runner $780.00
ASCR36480 .060" x 3' x 40' Black Conductive Floor Runner $832.00
ASCR36600 .060" x 3' x 50' Black Conductive Floor Runner $1040.00
Grounding Hardware Kits
ESDFMKT5 Kit includes 5 Heel Grounders, 5 Ground Cords, 10 Sockets & a Snap Tool $110.00
ESDFMKT10 Kit includes 10 Heel Grounders, 10 Ground Cords, 10 Sockets & a Snap Tool $200.00